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My name is Lisa Nakamura and I’m the Gwendolyn Calvert Baker Collegiate Professor in the Department of American Cultures at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  I am a member of the DISCO (Digital Inquiry, Speculation, Collaboration, and Optimism) Network along with André Brock, Stephanie Dinkins, Rayvon Fouché, Catherine Knight Steele, and Remi Yergeau.  I am also the founding Director of the Digital Studies Institute at the University of Michigan and I’ve been writing about digital media, race, and gender since 1994.  I’ve written books and articles on digital bodies, race, and gender in online environments, on toxicity in video game culture, and the many reasons that Internet research needs ethnic and gender studies.

In November 2019 I gave a TED NYC talk about my research called “The Internet is a Trash Fire.  Here’s How to Fix It.”  Please click here to learn more about Gwendolyn Calvert Baker.